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A True Pursuit Of Christ
Posted May 02, 2016
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Due to the high volume of worship releases so far this year, NRT has appropriately deemed 2016 "the year of worship," which makes it a good year as the church can always benefit from more songs to sing collectively to our Savior. With their new collaborative project My Pursuit, the All About Worship community lends to this great worship movement by giving us 10 tracks that will aid the local church in passionate worship for years to come.
Featuring the voices of Alisa Turner, Michael Farren, Benji Cowart, Aaron Tomberlin, Corey Voss and many more, My Pursuit proves to truly be an album focused on a true pursuit of the presence of Christ-- a refreshing authentic spirit in a time where worship can so easily become nothing more than trite words and music.
Handing listeners the standout track right from the beginning, the album opens with "Lift My Eyes," an already powerful song made even better by the soulful voice of Alisa Turner leading the intimate time of worship. Matched with Alisa's hopeful testimony of faith even in dark seasons of illness and loss, the song comes through as a truly moving moment. Michael Farren's contributions to the collection, "God Most High" and "Royal Blood," are both upbeat tracks, offering Scripture-saturated lyrics lead by Michael's raspy, strong vocals.
The title track, led by Benji Cowart (also lead vocals on "Hope Of The Cross"), is a slower moment that feels like genuine worship. I could see "My Pursuit" being added to many church's worship sets with its Kingdom-focused lines: "never gonna stop chasing You / never gonna stop praising You / never gonna stop pursuing You," the bridge powerfully crescendos. A cheery track that would fit well in the beginning of a worship service, "Faith Forevermore" is another incredibly strong cut on the album.
More reverent piano-led moments "Great Is The Lord" and "Back To Life" usher listeners into an emotional time of praise as the voices of Rhyan Shirley and Amanda Kinner gracefully sing out the redemptive lyrics. "I Will Call" plays on the male/female harmonies matched with stunning lyrics of faith to create a brilliant moment of declaring trust in God's love, much like "I Can't Contain It," which is another piano-led piece that strongly ushers in the presence of God with its well-written words and atmosphere of worship.
The Bottom Line: My Pursuit is truly one of the most well crafted and authentic feeling worship albums I've heard so far this year. Each vocalist leads in a way that invites the presence of Christ to be part of the music, creating a truly life-giving worship experience. A job well done to the All About Worship team for giving the church a brand new batch of songs to sing to our Father.
Song To Download Now:
"Lift My Eyes" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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TRENDING NRT NEWS: Staff Voices: A Journey Through Sound | Sarah Reeves Essentials | Narnia Coming To Life

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