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Worship With A Pop Twist
Posted April 28, 2016
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Sisters Lauren and Brooke DeLeary, better known as pop/rock outfit LoveCollide, are back with their sophomore project Resonate. While making the Resonate project, the duo had so many songs they wanted to include that they decided to split it into two parts: A Ripple To A Wave out April 29th, and the second release A Spark Into A Flame scheduled for this fall. The first half of the project, A Ripple To A Wave, showcases both the fun pop worship and edgier rock sides of Lauren and Brooke's sound, all while keeping in the theme of what fans have called a "fresh, cool new vibe."
High-energy track "Resonate" opens the album with a kick, summing up the whole message of the album in a mere 3 minutes. Standout pop song "Follow," written by Francesca Battistelli, Mia Fieldes and Seth Mosley, displays the versatile vocal abilities of both girls while giving a nod to the old hymn "I Have Decided." "Fox" has a musically intriguing beginning, mainly driven by a strong horn section and acoustic guitar against the empowering lyrics.  
Slower track "Storms" features beautiful lyrics of faith in the God who holds us during our own personal storms: "I have only ever known You to be One who does what You say You'll do / I have only ever found You faithful." Taking the tempo back up only a little with a still more reverent piano-driven vibe, "Atmosphere" showcases well the harmonies of Brooke and Lauren, much like harder track "Fighting On My Knees." 

Staying on the more rock side of things, "Break Through" proves to be another strong offering on this album. Ending back on a worshipful note, "Yahweh" shows LoveCollide at their best with a seemingly effortless, beautiful vocal (especially on the bridge) and powerful lyrics.
The Bottom Line: Although I hope in the future to hear an increasingly mature sound from the LoveCollide ladies, Resonate: A Ripple To A Wave is a promising offering of fun worship that strongly displays both their rock and pop sides and leaves me looking forward to hearing what they have created with the other half of the Resonate project this fall.
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