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Posted April 19, 2016
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What if I told you there was a new artist on the scene who makes music with the skill and quality of someone who's been working in the industry for years? Would you rush out to buy his album or at least be intrigued to hear such a newcomer?
Enter Jordan Feliz.
His may still be a new name to you, but my bet is that won't last much longer. His current single "The River" has been burning up radio waves for the past few months, gaining Jordan a growing fan base of people excited to hear what's next from the newbie. The River, Jordan's first full length project with Centricity Music, comes less than a year after his stunning debut EP Beloved. Featuring four of the songs from Beloved and seven brand new tracks, The River proves to be a stellar offering from soul/pop blended Jordan Feliz.
"Carry Your Troubles (Intro)" begins the album with a static-styled acoustic moment that feeds perfectly into lead single "The River." Fans of Christian radio are far from strangers to this energy-filled tune that is sure to induce foot stomping, tapping on the steering wheel and maybe even car dance parties while stuck in traffic. I'd be hard pressed to find a better debut single from any other artist this year. That same joyful energy continues into Jordan's current radio single, "Never Too Far Gone." Once again, I find myself singing along to every word each time it comes on the radio, caught up in a moment of carefully crafted creative genius.
Another incredibly strong track follows with "Best Of Me." The song boarders gracefully into EDM territory, proving Jordan's pop sound is not only that of a seasoned artist, but can also be diverse. "Living in Your presence now I can see only You bring out the best of me," the chorus closes. My personal favorite from the previous EP, "Beloved," beautifully pleads with listeners to realize their true value: "forget the lies you heard / rise above the hurt and listen to these words / you are Beloved." Showing off Jordan's soul side on an album full of pop gems, "Simple" also made it over from the EP.
Yet another track that could easily be the highlight of this album, "Cheer You On" plays on Jordan's vocal strengths, producing a bubbly song of encouragement and support. "Your Great Hands" slows things down slightly, proving to be another catchy track with its well-written lyrics of faith and trust in our God. Drum-driven "Live It Out" brings the tempo back up, again giving us a taste of how versatile Jordan's vocals are.

There are a few ballads on The River: "How Long" is a personally deep prayer song sure to resonate with listeners, much like "Satisfied" is an emotional prayer of wanting to find our all in Christ alone. The slower-paced moments close the album well, proving to be a truly moving time of worship.
The Bottom Line: From beginning to end, The River pulls through as an album honestly hard to find fault with. Showcasing the immense growth and innovative talent of a surprising newcomer, The River falls into a small category of debut full-length albums that truly feel as if they've been crafted by longtime artists. If Jordan Feliz continues with music like this, there can be nothing but good things ahead for his career.
Song To Download Now:
"Best Of Me" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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