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Posted April 14, 2016
By MikaylaShriver_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Phil Wickham has been a household name in the worship genre for years-- and for good reason. The California-raised singer/songwriter has released eight albums since 2003, with each album receiving well-earned acclaim and offering additions to church worship sets. His ninth album, Children of God, releases on April 22, and it is certain to be as deeply beloved as previous projects.

Over the years, Wickham has crafted a consistent, intelligently-developed musical style, which has made his radio singles mainstays in corporate worship. Children of God maintains this style, and it works perfectly. It delivers music that is both current in style and lyrically authentic.

The album opens with "Doxology//Amen," Wickham's own version of the classic hymn with a few updates. With the perfect blend of guitar and synthesizers, the song takes on a beautifully modern aura. This particular worshipful atmosphere is continued throughout the album, particularly in songs such as "My All In All," "Starmaker (High Above The Earth)," "Stand In Awe" and "As It Is In Heaven." 

There are also several songs full of upbeat enthusiasm: "Better Than Life," "Your Love Awakens Me" and the title track, "Children of God," to name a few. The tenth song on the album, "Body Mind & Soul," carries a slightly more powerful tone, with driving guitars and pounding percussion to set the mood.

Perhaps one of the most unique features about Phil Wickham's albums is his beautifully ethereal voice. His voice is complemented by artist Madison Cunningham in "The Secret Place," and it shines beautifully in the exit track "Spirit Of God." The album ends on a gorgeous, masterfully worshipful note-- much like the way it began, and much as it was throughout.

The Bottom Line: Much like Phil Wickham's previous albums, Children of God is a force to be reckoned with. With sincerity and modernity merging into a beautiful display of love for God, you'll find yourself coming back for a second listen... and probably a thousand more.

Song To Download Now:
"The Secret Place" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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