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Powerfully Honest Worship Debut
Posted March 14, 2016
By MikaylaShriver_NRT, Staff Reviewer

After spending a difficult season separately touring on their own musical paths, newlywed worship duo Austin and Lindsey Adamec (formerly a part of 1 Girl Nation) recently realized their dream of combining their path into one journey. Out of this realization was birthed a strong, honest, self-titled worship EP, which comes out March 25.

The EP is full of promise and delivers well. It opens with "Walk On Waves," a song born out of the struggle the Adamecs faced as separately touring newlyweds. The song takes inspiration from the story of Peter walking on waves, and the alternative pop-worship sound of the track supports the music well. 

"Walk On Waves" is followed by "It Is Finished," a beautiful uplifting song of praise to Jesus for the work done on the Cross. Later in the album, a similar declaration of authority is found in "Infinite Grace," while "Lost In You" is a simple, beautiful worship song.

The strongest track on the EP comes at the midpoint. "Maker Of Miracles" is a compelling prayer of faith with a powerful backstory-- it comes from Lindsey's aunt and father both being diagnosed with cancer. After praying over her father and trusting in one of the core foundational verses for the song (Psalm 77:14), the tumor originally discovered was found to be no longer be present. The project closes with the enthusiastic, joyful "Oh Liberty," a bonus track.

The Bottom Line: Amidst all of the fantastic worship music being released in 2016, Austin and Lindsey Adamec's self-titled EP deserves a listen-- or ten. We're looking forward to worshiping with these two even more in the future.

Song To Download Now:
"Maker Of Miracles" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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