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Posted February 18, 2016
By MikaylaShriver_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Hillsong Young & Free, one of the most recent creations of the powerful worship ministry that has grown from Hillsong Church in Australia, is a group with a specific goal in mind: coming together to make worship music for youth and young adults. From the release of their debut project We Are Young & Free, this goal has been honored. Their sophomore release, Youth Revival, does not disappoint in meeting and exceeding expectations for that same mission.

Youth Revival delivers sincere worship packaged into a modern sound, geared towards the next generation of young believers. With bright, energetic loops and dance-worthy beats opening the album with songs such as "Where You Are," "Real Love" and even the slower "Only Wanna Sing," the album takes off with a running start. The midsection of Youth Revival journeys down a different path, heading into more deliberate worship-- even merging the sound from earlier in the album with more of the trademark Hillsong sound in "Never Alone" and "When The Fight Calls," although the latter concludes with an effective rallying cry meant to stir up the worshipers.

The back half of the album toes the line between the mix of styles from the first two sections. "Falling Into You" and radio hit "This Is Living" cross into ecstatic rejoicing over the freedom of life with Christ, while "In Your Eyes" and "Passion" decelerate back into ardent worship while maintaining the pop sound consistent with the beginning of the album. The album closes with the radio version of the opening track "Where You Are."

The Bottom Line: Hillsong Young & Free's Youth Revival packages worship into modern, youth-friendly music, matching the popular style of today's music in its own unique way.

Song To Download Now:
"Never Alone" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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