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Scripture Drenched Worship
Posted February 14, 2016
By AmandaDeWilde_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What is worship? No doubt there have been countless debates about this subject over the years. But when you really break it down, I believe that worship is any manifestation of gratitude and praise toward our Creator, in whatever form that takes. Ultimately, the purpose of worship is to draw our hearts closer in unity to God.

In her fifth studio album Deeper, Meredith Andrews continues writing songs from her heart that truly worship her Creator. "Spirit of the Living God" and "Impossible" focus on the power of God to work in our lives.

"Soar" draws its strength from Isaiah 40:31, encouraging us to maintain faith and joy while waiting on God. The song shares that we all encounter trying situations, but rather than sinking under the weight of these burdens, God gives us the option to soar. Not necessarily to soar above our troubles, but to strengthen our faith by spreading our wings and flying through the storm. "Trusted" tells us that Jesus knows when those storms of our lives will come, and that he's prepared to take care of us in the midst of them.

With the possible exception of "Take Me Back" (a song about recapturing a love for Jesus), the album mostly shies away from evidence of any deeply personal lyrics reflecting the artist's struggles and life. However, it succeeds in providing listeners with an array of Scripture-filled melodies that are relatable to almost every Christian.

The Bottom Line: Deeper carries the classic worship album sound and feel. It's soft, positive and drenched in Scripture. Andrew's attitude of praise toward God is one that is heartfelt and genuine, and there's no doubt that it is one that will encourage you to worship along with her in song.

Song to Download Now:
"Soar" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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