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A Promising Beginning
Posted February 08, 2016
By MikaylaShriver_NRT, Staff Reviewer

For Louisiana siblings Kellie and Kristen Fuselier, a God-given passion for worship has been the driving force in life as they have led worship together for over ten years. Though both twins successfully graduated college in their own unique fields, the call God laid on their hearts led them back to their first love, inspiring the release of their debut EP We Receive in January.

Kristen's intricate instrumental work beautifully complements Kellie's rich, powerful vocals. Each song is brimming with scripture, put together in such a way that it would be difficult to not reflect on the truths being spoken and rejoice. The slightly quicker opening song on the album, "Kingdom Reign," is an excellent way to kick things off, and sets the tone for the remainder of the album. The sincerity and passion in songs such as "Ever Faithful" and "Only Jesus" are deeply stirring.

The consistency of the project's tempo and key suits the duo's goal to present scripture in such a way that it's both informing and invokes worship, as well as exhibiting Kellie's power as a vocalist. Songs like "You Are" and "We Receive" provide sound theology and honest pleas for God's glory to be known in a refreshing light. The final song on the album, "Draw Near," showcases Kristen's elegant piano work underneath powerful words of praise, closing out the album on a strong note.

The Bottom Line: Sincerity, theology and elegance are the best words to describe Kellie and Kristen's debut EP. It is a wonderfully promising start to their career, and we look forward to seeing their horizons expand.

Song to Download Now:
"Ever Faithful" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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