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A Breath of Fresh Air
Posted February 05, 2016
By MarkRyan_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Each time I sit down to review a live worship album, a great predicament arises. Am I evaluating the music? The performance? The recording quality? My perception of the reality of the move of God in the room on the night it was recorded? I suppose each of these things go into the process. However, is it right to question the methods if the music was written out of the move God specific to the church that did the recording? With Elevation Worship's latest offering Here as in Heaven, there is a definite hunger and thirst for the Spirit of God to come and move afresh on a dry and barren land.

From the beginning of the album there is something different. Rather than starting with a high energy, danceable worship track, we are given the very prayerful and worshipful title track, "Here as in Heaven." As the crowd swell quiets at the end of the track, the kick drum drops the beat for "Grace Like a Wave." This is a wonderful way to start an album. It takes the formulaic approach to worship that most of us have come to know completely out of play, and your senses are heightened as to what the band will offer with the rest of the album.

The remainder of the album gives us reflective and prayerful moments blended with anthems that build throughout the song. Mixed into the worship set are two more high energy praise songs, "Shine a Light" and "Praise Goes On." The former is a call to action, and the latter is a powerful praise song that truly focuses on the goodness and nature of God.

The Bottom Line: Live worship is the best worship, and with Here as in Heaven, Elevation Worship gives the church new songs to enter into that secret place.

Song to Download Now: 
"Yahweh" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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