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Heed the Messengers
Posted January 22, 2016
By JJFrancesco_NRT, Staff Reviewer

They're opening Winter Jam, and now they're releasing one of 2016's first standout debuts. Word Records has a knack lately for finding some stellar new faces and dropping them right into the middle of popular CCM. With Irish charm and some Mat Kearney vibes, lead singer Darren Mulligan fronts an exciting pop act in We Are Messengers. They pack quite the sonic variety too! There's radio ready pop, praise and worship and even a few tasty techno hooks. Don't let those popular labels fool you, though. These guys boast a unique character driven largely by Mulligan's commanding vocals.

Lead single "Everything Comes Alive" is a foot-tapping romp that screams radio smash, while at the other end of the spectrum there's "I Don't Have The Answers," which is a soft and reflective confessional-type offering. The vocal delivery on this is really spot on and bone-chilling good. 

On many songs, behind soaring choral vocals, popping drums and electro beats, they've tucked absolutely gorgeous piano hooks. "Shadows" makes great use of this and is an absolute delight. Look for this one to take off later in the album cycle. "My Ghost" boasts an irresistible chorus that I could totally see being used in a promo for a television drama. Tap your foot along to this one all year long. 

Like several recent Word debuts, the track list is a tad bloated and could have benefited from some streamlining, but the highs weigh far in the album's favor.

The Bottom Line: A healthy dose of standout songs propel this release to become one of the year's most promising debuts.

Song to Download Now: 
'"Everything Comes Alive" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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