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Flawless Live Worship
Posted December 03, 2015
By MikaylaShriver_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Iconic Georgia-based group Casting Crowns has been a household name in the Christian music world since 2003, with good reason. The group has released successful album after successful album, and Mark Hall's knack for tackling real-world thoughts and emotions (as well as his own personal battles) through song is astounding and noteworthy. Although the band has released two live albums from various tours, the one thing they've yet to do is a live fully worship-focused album. Recently, they finally waded into those waters with A Live Worship Experience, and the result was worth it.

A Live Worship Experience, like everything Casting Crowns puts out, provides a little something for everyone. There are emotionally hard-hitting songs such as "Just Be Held," "The Well" and "You Are The Only One," which provide reminders that God is the only One who holds our entire lives in His hands--a truth that is immensely comforting. There are also moments of energetic worship, such as "No Not One," which has the traditional high-energy tempo of contemporary worship while expressing the uniquely great love of Christ.

The band also featured three covers on their worship album: "Good Good Father," "Great Are You Lord" and their own version of David Crowder Band's "Here's My Heart." These three songs are fantastic for the worship set, played in typical Casting Crowns style-- simple, musically organized, but powerful nonetheless, making these covers a great addition. 

The band ends the set with two of their newest hits, "Jesus, Friend of Sinners" and "Thrive," as well as with a monologue from Mark Hall talking about the first song. These two songs are great live, with "Thrive" being an interesting journey into the folk-pop style which graces the radio these days-- something that another song on the album, "Called Me Higher," also explores.

Closing Thoughts:
Casting Crowns has delivered yet another spectacular album-- this time, it's live worship, and it's definitely worth hearing.

Song To Download Now:
"Thrive" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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