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Positive Pop Debut
Posted November 16, 2015
By MikaylaShriver_NRT, Staff Reviewer

A record deal with Word Entertainment. A radio single, "You Are Loved," released July 10. Winter Jam Tour west coast in 2015 with east coast upcoming in 2016. Needless to say, it's been a busy year for Stars Go Dim. The Tulsa-based group, who has been active and touring on and off since 2007, also released its major debut album Stars Go Dim on October 30. According to the band, "Here's what Stars Go Dim is in 2015 and moving into the future: a four-man collective forging like-minded modern pop, infused with both deep meaning and well-honed fun, merging layers of guitars, keys, loops and percussion to convey timeless messages." 

Self-titled debut Stars Go Dim reinforces this statement of identity quite well. It is fun, energetic pop-- yet it is also powerfully put together in such a way to bring hope to the listener. There are songs which convey positive encouragement of the listener's identity and strength in Christ, like "Stars" and radio single "You Are Loved," to name a few. 

There are also songs with a slower, more worshipful aura to the lyrics, such as "All I Have" and "Morning Star." "Where You Are" and "Alive In You" add more upbeat loops to create fun yet meaningful worship songs. The album continues with its positive messages in songs such as "Here," which is a proclamation of faith that Jesus is close to those who are desperate for His love. 

The opening track of the album is lead singer Chris Cleveland's remake of the historic Doxology. "Doxology" was created for Cleveland's church and was never actually intended to be on the album. It's a good thing it made it however, as it is a stunning opener which sets the tone of the album perfectly.

Closing Thoughts:
The members of Stars Go Dim are no strangers to the Christian music world, and it shows. Their debut album is a polished, spiritual, yet fun pop album. Combinations such as this can be difficult to maintain, but it is executed beautifully by the group. Be sure to pick up a copy of Stars Go Dim, and check out the band on a Winter Jam date near you!

Song to Download Now:
"If It's Amazing Grace" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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