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Kirk Franklin Never Disappoints
Posted November 09, 2015
By DwayneLacy_NRT, Staff Reviewer

It's Kirk Franklin, and he's back with Losing My Religion. He usually takes a few years to release an album, but when it is time to do so, he grinds hard in the studio to produce a masterpiece. The latest masterpiece is here, and the singers are here as well, including Deonis Cook (who did some vocal arranging on the song, "When"),  Darian Yancey-Mackey, Candy West, Chelsea West, Amber Bullock, Crystal Aiken, Michael Bethany, Myron Butler and more, artists who deserve a special mention because the vocal blend of this group is so on point. 

"Miracles" is a great case in point to illustrate how Kirk does not just write a cliché-filled song, but instead he takes a song about miracles and makes it multilayered. The song goes from expressing the awe of God's miracles to being reminded that the singer himself is a miracle. Kirk (who is not known for his singing ability) has an incredible way of interpreting a song that he leads!

Think about "Without You" from the Hero album, or how he ends "Help Me Believe" from the album The Fight of My Life. "Pray for Me" can be added to that list. It is so cool to hear former Kirk Franklin and the Family member, Dalon Collins, God's Property alumni Pastor James Henderson and Pastor Patron Thomas on backing vocals for this one.  Even after 20 plus years of recording, he does not write from a "star" perspective, but from that of an everyday brother who needs God. The singers bring it as they back Kirk up on "Intercession." Simply but powerfully put, "He intercedes for me / Protects me from things unseen. / Right between God and me /....He sees me, but he hears you." 

"Road Trip" is typical Kirk and jamming in its own right, but again, the symbolism is just as top-notch as the groove. He encourages people that God will not leave you detoured in this "road" called "life." "123 Victory" is just a banger, period! The bassline on both tracks is killer. 

People thought Kirk outdid himself with "Wanna Be Happy," but then he drops the gem "It's Time:" "For destiny and victory to finally collide / there's no sound more sweeter than when God says, 'It's time!'" This song really made me want to holla, for various reasons. The singers take it to the next level. The lyrics on this song will resonate with people in different phases of life. The last reason why I am so amped on this track is the fact that Zacardi Cortez and Tasha Page-Lockhart slaughtered the last minute and a half of the song. 

The Bottom Line:
This is vintage Kirk! Buy the album for yourself and someone else! 

Song to Download Now: 
"It's Time" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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