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A Refreshing Masterpiece
Posted November 04, 2015
By MikaylaShriver_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Two years after 2013's Hurricane, Dove Award-winning Christian music veteran Natalie Grant is back with Be One. Natalie has delivered passionate and powerful songs since her debut in 1999. This album is a very personal reflection of how she still continues to grow every day in both her music and her personal life, as the perspective behind the title track was a key in Natalie overcoming depression in the last year.

Musically speaking, Be One takes a refreshing new route for Natalie, following a few of the current alt-pop trends-- but only the best ones. The uplifting beat consistent through much of the album is flawless, with songs like "Good Day," "Love Has Won" and "Never Miss A Beat" invoking the urge to get up and dance. There is also a slower and more emotional tempo in songs such as "King Of The World" and "Symphonies," providing something for everyone's tastes.

The two covers on this album, "Ever Be" (featuring Natalie's three daughters) and "Nothing But The Blood" (featuring Natalie's brother, Steve), are beautiful takes on a beloved worship song and a classic hymn. "Ever Be" feels as if it could almost be a live performance, which adds to the power of the song. "Nothing But The Blood" is ethereal and entirely acoustic with some lyrical alterations, taking the favorite hymn to a new level with its intricate guitar work and Steve's voice complementing his sister's.

Closing Thoughts:
Natalie Grant has always been a powerhouse, not just because of her incredible voice, but because of the nature of the songs she sings. This album is no different, and its raw honesty and polished, current musical style come together to create yet another masterpiece for Natalie. Be sure to pick up Be One on November 13th!

Song To Download Now:
"King Of The World" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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