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Gateway to Praise
Posted October 15, 2015
By MarkRyan_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Gateway Worship, a ministry of Dallas/Ft. Worth area's Gateway Church, is back with their latest offering for the global church in Walls. The live worship experience captures the presence of God and the power of His love for His church. The album contains 12 previously unreleased tracks, a live version of Kari Jobe's "Let The Heavens Open" and radio versions of two of the live tracks.

The album opens with high energy worship tracks "Higher Than The Sky" and "Love Has Found Us." Then in one of the most powerful worship songs of 2015, worship leader Cody Carnes brings us the title track, "Walls." I haven't listened to any other worship track this year more than this, and the album has only been out for a couple weeks. The driving drums and guitar help you to feel as though you are marching around the walls and bringing them down. It is a perfect transition song into the slower portion of the worship service.

Having heard "Let The Heavens Open" quite a bit already, I was curious about how it would translate live. In a word: perfectly. Kari Jobe's haunting vocals paired with a worship choir give this 8 minute worship anthem new life. It is truly like an all new song.

A voice I haven't personally heard on an album for a few years appears when Rita Springer delivers in classic fashion "You Never Change." There are some things that we can never tire of singing about, and one of them is the unchanging nature of our God. Each listen of this song brings new emotions to bear.

The album closes with the endearing "We Bow Low." It is an atypical conclusion to a worship album, ending with something so sweet and special rather than the typical high-energy worship anthem. It truly is where we should end up at the close of a true worship experience: on our knees in front of the throne of Heaven, washing His holy feet with our streaming tears.

Closing Thoughts:
The Gateway Worship team has put together a remarkable live worship project that will encourage you in your own worship times, while also providing the church with songs that create an indelible impact on those who sing them. I encourage you to get this album and experience God's love and power through these simple songs.

Song to Download Now: 
"Walls" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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