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A Perfect Collision
Posted September 28, 2015
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

The world was first introduced to Colton Dixon when he lit up the American Idol stage back in 2012. Since then, things have only gotten better for the twenty-something singer songwriter. Dove Awards, national tours, chart-topping singles, and almost-instant fame soon followed for Dixon.
Now with two majorly successful albums behind him, Colton returns with an intriguingly unique technique: a compilation album in the form of dual EPs. The Calm Before The Storm is a combination of acoustic renditions (Calm) and remixed versions (Storm) from both of Colton's previous albums (A Messenger, Anchor).
The Calm
Colton's flawless harmonies shine on the stripped-down version of "Limitless" that opens the album. The lyrics capture contrast: "Doubt sees a mountain, no way around it / faith sees a victory, no doubt about it / fear sees the ceiling / hope sees the stars." Some of Colton's first hits, "Never Gone" and "You Are" (the latter a duet with his sister Schyler), appear here in a much calmer yet just as powerful mood. Most recent single "Through All Of It" gets a reinvention on Calm, sounding even better than before with a bit of a pep added.
Even with so many well-done acoustic versions presented here, I have to say that the most incredible moment featured on this side of the album is definitely the one brand new song we get. "Where I End" is an encouraging message for those who feel at the end of their own strength: "so I'll stand again / take another step / because of You, I can / I'm not scared 'cause You are where I end." With a beautiful piano melody and lyrics of bold faith, I bet I'm not the only one who hopes this is Colton's next single.
The Storm
"More Of You (Pro-Fitt Remix)" is first to get the remix treatment for Storm. Adding techno elements, the track boarders on EDM and is sure to get you moving.  Already energetic "Back To Life (BLRZ Remix)" gets taken up a notch, much like "Dare To Believe (JSapp Remix)," a highlight on this side of the album. My favorite remix on Storm, "Echo (Neon Feather Remix)," comes next. The thoughtful production completely remakes the song and has it sounding even better than before. Closing out the album, "Anchor (BLRZ Remix)" takes on an urban feel.
Closing Thoughts:
The Calm Before The Storm seems to be the perfect collision of acoustic and remix. While some attempts at remixing a track can easily end by detracting from something that was originally so good, the reinventions of Colton's songs here prove to be a success, and even make a few songs better. Calm and Storm are both things that Colton Dixon does well, and the combination featured in this project seems to fit together well. Even with only one new song, the fresh perspective on others make this album well worth a listen. If The Calm Before The Storm was an experiment, I think we can definitely say that it worked. Whichever direction Colton's next album takes, I'm sure fans will be excited to hear it.
Songs To Download Now:
"Where I End" from Calm (Get it on iTunes here.)
"Echo (Neon Feather Remix)" from Storm (Get it on iTunes here.)

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