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Some Things Never Change
Posted September 25, 2015
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Everything changed for Jonny Diaz when he and his wife welcomed their first daughter into the world earlier this year. Even before the baby was born, Jonny began to feel overwhelmed with all life was throwing his way. An impending deadline for his new music, a 40-city tour, launching a fitness studio with his wife, and the reality of fatherhood soon to set in stared him down. The arrival of Charlie Grace also brought many changes, and while Jonny says that this is the most rewarding season of life yet, it's still a new normal for the Diaz clan.
Now with his new appropriately titled EP Everything Is Changing, Jonny takes his experiences and emotions from the past year and does what he does best: crafts songs out of them.
"Enough In You" begins the album as Jonny speaks of his identity in Christ. "All I am is found in You / I'm holding to Your truth that I'm enough in You," the song declares. Lead single and standout track "Breathe" gives some encouragement to listeners who feel rushed and overwhelmed in a busy life to just relax and be still before the Lord: "come and rest at My feet / and be, just be / chaos calls but all you really need is to just breathe."
The most upbeat moment found on the album, aptly titled "Joy," sings of the constant joy that only Christ can give, even in the midst of hard seasons. "Saved From" features a catchy melody and lyrics that praise God for His unending grace that keeps forgiving us. A personal favorite, "Chance" is another standout track that shows off Diaz's characteristically smooth vocals and sings of how God uses our hurt to draw us closer to Him: "hurting is a chance to find You as a Healer / lonely is a chance to fall into Your love / broken is a chance to know You as Redeemer / empty is a chance to find that You're enough." The album closes with a sweet song Jonny wrote for his newborn daughter, "All Because Of You."
Closing Thoughts:
Things are definitely changing for Jonny Diaz, but one thing that hasn't changed is his ability to turn a life event into a beautiful song. Whether it's the birth of his first child or just a difficult season of life, Jonny has a way of writing about it in a way that's relatable to all who hear it. Everything Is Changing is sure to minister to Jonny's fans and encourage listeners to trust the One who holds them steady when everything else is shifting around them, because thankfully, some things just never change.
Song To Download Now:
"Breathe" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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