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Posted September 18, 2015
By MaryNikkel_NRT, Staff Reviewer

The ministry of Planetshakers began in Australia and has quickly spanned the globe with their passionate, upbeat brand of worship. #LETSGO, the most recent offering from the Aussies, is perhaps their most energetic yet, with 15 live recordings designed both as declarations and as calls to global mission work.

The title track "LETSGO" instantly introduces the electronic style of this collection, framing the celebratory cry "death is over and I'm alive / I'm taking hold of this victory." This supercharged, Spirit-fueled dance party vibe returns often throughout the album, notable as well on songs like "All About You" or the heavily EDM-influenced "New Era."

There are moments of rest presented here as well, as with the reverent "Home," which marvels at the safety we find whenever we seek God's presence. "Glorious Collision" builds from simple piano and vocals into a soaring anthem. "I Believe" begins with a similar gentler sound, giving clear room for the lyrics "Hallelujah! You said 'it's done, death is overcome.' / Oh hallelujah, You washed me clean and now I'm free."

Live albums always present a challenge in attempting to capture the heart of the event at which they were recorded, but #LETSGO balances the soaring voices of the crowd in perfect measure with the sound of the band to highlight the fact that this experience was much bigger than the musicians on stage. On tracks like "Stepping In," the crowd can be clearly heard swelling behind the main vocals, helping the listener feel like they're a part of the same collective corporate voice. 

Although for the most part the album stays the course of electronic-influenced-arena worship, there are surprising moments tucked towards the middle of the set. "Turned it Around" sounds borderline gospel in its construction at moments, "Love of My Life" has a soul vibe in the intro, and "Born to Praise" boasts a funky groove and the addition of a rapper. The deviations feel a little out of place, but they do serve to mix things up.

Closing Thoughts:
Planetshakers has stated that they believe life transformation occurs from encountering God and spending time in His presence. #LETSGO voices that kind of call, beckoning listeners to enter first into worshipful communion with Him so that they can go from there into all the world with His Spirit and truth empowering their lives. 

Although the album definitely captures the atmosphere of the evening during which it was recorded well, there are moments when it struggles to stay both engaging and coherent in equal measure-- a challenge perhaps intensified by the album's length. However, the heart behind the project still rings clear, promising to usher listeners into the presence of God.

Song to Download Now:
"LETSGO" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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