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Stepping Out in Crazy Faith
Posted August 21, 2015
By KevinDavis_NRT, Staff Reviewer

John Waller is a critically acclaimed singer, songwriter and storyteller with chart-topping hits "The Blessing," "While I'm Waiting," featured in the movie Fireproof, and "As for Me and My House." 

Now with Crazy Faith, his fourth solo project, Waller opens up his heart more than ever. Sharing songs that are all inspired by Scripture, his new songs ultimately spread the message that even in trials, and what the world considers failure, "life is a gift." 

John writes about themes that cause me to hang on every word he sings, especially "Life is a Gift," which is a prayerful song that moves me with these lyrics: "Every breath is a gift from above, every rising song is an act of love, life is a gift, every laugh from a child at play, every breeze of a summer day is of Him, life is a gift." In typical John Waller fashion, he has written another track that completely expresses his gratefulness for God's gifts, just like "The Blessing." The song really sets the tone for the album with the prayerful response-- "I do not deserve it, but I receive it, life is a gift." Amen to that! 

"I Know My God" takes it up a notch musically and is a celebration of the Lord's grace and Sovereignty with the worshipful refrain "I know my God, and He will save, I know my God will not delay, Hallelujah, oh what a Savior, I know my God will hold me up, He's my Rock, and I will trust, I know my God, and oh what a Savior." The song causes me to lift my hands and voice along with John's powerful words.

"Crazy Faith," the lead single which is featured in the film The War Room, strikes me in a deep and convicting way with the truth of how God calls all of us to "walk by faith, and not by sight." I love how John sincerely proclaims, "Wherever You lead, I will go, It's gonna take, crazy faith, what if it costs me everything, I'm stepping out, I'm taking the leap of crazy faith." Like John, I'm clinging to The Bible's promise: "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28, NIV)."

"Forgive Me" is a tender prayer that captures Waller's heart of prayer and supplication as after he confesses and asks for forgiveness he lifts up these gut wrenching words, "Jesus, I'm glad." If you are looking for words to pray to the Lord, this song is a sweet aroma of praise.

Among the album's many highlights is "Orphan," which is a direct appeal to listeners referencing God as the "Father of adoption and compassion" as Waller belts out lyrics about caring for orphans directly and with conviction, singing "Jesus hears the orphans, He is moving Heaven and Earth, for little boys, little girls, when you hear Jesus calling, will you go and rescue them? Little boys, little girls, little do they know we are coming, little do they know Mom and Dad are coming?"

Closing Thoughts:
Waiting on the Lord has been a theme in all of John's albums. His faithfulness and commitment to write and sing songs based on his personal experiences makes him one of the most relatable artists I've ever heard. This is a great adult contemporary worship album perfect for fans of Steven Curtis Chapman, Josh Wilson and Casting Crowns. If you like John's hit songs, "The Blessing," "While I'm Waiting" and "As for Me and My House," then you're in for a real treat with Crazy Faith. The songs are a welcome companion in my quiet times of reflection and prayer, in particular with the songs "Life is a Gift," "I Know My God," "Crazy Faith," "Forgive Me" and "Your Word, My Life" which are my favorite songs on the album in addition to the single "Orphan," an amazing song. Waller's poignant song writing is coupled with his vulnerability as each song urges me pray more along with him. This album is sure to connect with all listeners who like sincere and catchy songs filled with truth and yearning for God.

Song to Download Now:
"Crazy Faith" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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