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This Is Not A Test Album Review From tobyMac
Posted August 16, 2015
By tobymacfan,

This is a awesome album from tobyMac. I listened to it more than once when I got it. It features awesome artists like Hollyn, TRU, NF, and dc Talk. The album starts off with a awesome song called Like A Match. I love this song called Like A Match as it is a real awesome song and it is a great song to start of this album. Next it goes into Backseat Driver which also features Hollyn and TRU. This is a awesome song and the vocals from Hollyn remind me of Blanca that sang on Unstoppable on the Eye On It album back in 2012. I also loved TRU's awesome short rap on Backseat Driver as it is different way to have Tru Dog on this album but he is 16 years old already so he is being like his dad and rapping on this awesome song called Backseat Driver. Next we come to the most awesome dance song on this album called This Is Not A Test featuring Capital Kings. I know tobyMac worked with Capital Kings on the title track on this album but you can hear it through out the song including awesome short rap parts from one of the members of Capital Kings. This Is Not A Test has a awesome dance feel to it and it makes you dance to it in the only 2 minutes and 40 seconds that the song is, Next up we have Lights Shine Bright also features Hollyn as this song has more of a reggae feel it along with awesome vocals from Hollyn which is the newest artist on Gotee Records. Hollyn vocals remind me once again of the awesome vocals from Blanca formerly from Group 1 Crew and her solo name which is Blanca. I love the awesome reggae feel on this song and the song ends with a press conference asking about the reuniting of dc Talk and about Bryon "Mr.Talkbox" Chambers and his rash which was a mention to a older song from tobyMac. Before the song ends you hear tobyMac talking at the end saying to himself "how much longer are you doing to do this my man?" which is a question to himself on doing this awesome solo music he is doing. Next up we have a awesome song called Til The Day I Die which features a awesome Christian rapper named NF. I would say Til The Day I Die is one of my most favorite songs on this album. It is a awesome song that has a very awesome rap from NF on this song. I would say the rap in Til The Day I Die from NF would be my most favorite part of this song. Next up there is a awesome song called Feel It with Bryon "Mr.Talkbox" Chambers as this song adds a lot of awesome elements to it including awesome horns at the end of this song. Up Next there is Move (Keep Walkin) which is a real awesome song and I loved the background vocals in this song. Up next is Love Broke Thru which is another awesome song with great vocals in it. Next up we have the mini dc Talk reunion with Love Feels Like which features vocals from Michael Tait from Newsboys and Kevin Max. I would say Love Feels Like is also one of my most favorite songs on this album. Next up is the awesome radio single which is a awesome song and I can't stop listening to it since it is a awesome song with a great message in that song. To end of the album it ends with Undeniable which is a awesome song to end of the album as it real goes well to end off this awesome album. My most favorite songs on this album are Backseat Driver, This Is Not A Test, Til The Day I Die, and Love Feels Like. I would recommend this album to any tobyMac fans out there. Be sure to get it as soon as you can :)


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