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Gospel Focused Folk Tunes
Posted August 11, 2015
By MaryNikkel_NRT, Staff Reviewer

The sound Ghost Ship has built is one of gentle folk tones underscoring eternal truths expressed in relatable phrasing as comforting as the easy banjo lines. Their latest effort Costly comes from a difficult year, as leader Cam Huxford watched his home church Mars Hill disintegrate at the end of 2014. Now working in partnership with BEC Recordings, the group is undeterred in sharing their soulful worship tunes.

The folk sound is consistent throughout, with fantastic slide guitar buoying up celebratory gospel tune "Scarlet" and banjo lending to the reflective tone in "Provide." The percussion choices are simple but lend tracks like "Adoption" personality and balance. 

Thematically, these are songs of declaration and assurance, often voice in the face of struggles. "Fear and Love" reassures beautifully "there's a steady Voice in my ears though they ring. My heart echoes out Your own words as it beats: my child, do not fear, do not fear." Mellow "The Way" sings "There must be a way to live through this, there must be a way for us. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, You are the Way, the Truth, the Light. You are the way through this night."

There is also a fair sampling of songs that are fully celebratory, such as upbeat "Look What God Has Done" and "You Loved Us First." They excel in this sound as well, showing skill in creating joyful tones without simply building massive arena-sized instrumentation.

Closing Thoughts:
A few years ago, it seemed that quite a few artists were attempting the "Mumford & Sons goes worship" sound, with mixed success. Unfortunately for those who relate to folk music influenced stylings, the phase largely passed without many groups learning how to temper and tone down the style to become something lasting and accessible. The answer to this problem may be Ghost Ship. They are able to employ the folk sounds without it feeling over the top, utilizing it to create joyful and earnest worship tunes that set them apart from most recent worship releases. Especially for those looking for words of worship that they can sing honestly in the midst of hardship, Costly is a timely release well worth your time.

Song to Download Now:
"The Way"

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