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Walking Into Something Different
Posted August 06, 2015
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

"Something Different is the album we've always hoped to create. I believe that it captures the passion, energy and musical creativity that we have always longed for people to hear," says Sidewalk Prophets lead singer Dave Frey.
After a three year wait for new music from the Dove Award-winning group, statements like those have built up excitement that the wait will be well worth it. With several successful albums (These Simple Truths, Live Like That) and powerful radio hits already behind them, the band has a strong fan base anticipating the new release. Produced by brilliant creative Seth Mosely, Something Different combines a new and improved sound with incredible talent and genuine hearts to construct one of the best albums this year.  
From the opening drum beats of recent single "Prodigal," it becomes clear that this album is one you're going to want to pay attention to. "Wherever you are / whatever you did / it's a page in your book but it isn't the end," the song encourages listeners. The standout track flows into "If You Only Knew," a powerful reminder of the unconditional love and faithfulness of Christ.
The title track proves to live up to its name, introducing new elements into Sidewalk's already-loved sound. Dave's stellar vocals are taken to an impressive next level as he sings out the lyrics preceding a striking outro. "Everything In Awe" provides a truly outstanding moment of worship as the powerful words build to an exploding climax towards the end, much as "To Live Is Christ" does, all while inviting listeners to worship along to truths straight from Scripture.
Fans might recognize yet another standout song, "Sisters And Brothers," from SP's Great Big Family Room Tour earlier this spring. "Impossible" and "Go For It" share a common theme, both using fresh sounds to spur listeners to passionately chase their dreams and trust God with their futures— even the seemingly impossible parts. "Come To The Table" acts as a song of grace, speaking to everyone who has ever felt like they didn't fit in and serving as a reminder that all are welcome in the Kingdom of God.
Bringing a southern-styled sound into the mix, "Ain't Nobody (Till You're Loved)" sends out a message on the importance of giving and receiving love. Upbeat "I'd Rather Have You," inspiring "Soldier On," and gospel-fueled duet with Tamela Mann "Closer" end the album on high notes.
Closing Thoughts:
The Sidewalk Prophets guys have undoubtedly outdone themselves with this release. Something Different is by far their best work yet and definitely raises the bar for other artists. The band obviously worked hard to create something new with this album, and the effort was well rewarded. With creative minds, genius lyrics, outstanding musical chops and faithful hearts to match, I have a feeling this is only the beginning of what Sidewalk Prophets will do. I'm excited to see fan responses as Something Different makes its way into the world, and I'm even more excited to see where this new approach and sound will take the group. When you're capable of making music like this, the sky really is the limit.
Song to Download Now:
"Something Different" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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