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Posted July 22, 2015
By DwayneLacy_NRT, Staff Reviewer

There is a so much to say about Karen Clark Sheard. She is a pastor's wife and the owner of her own record label. Her career/ministry has spanned over 4 decades (and counting), but she is not slowing down. 

Back again with a new album, Destined to Win, Karen enlisted the help of Donald Lawrence to serve as the producer. This is another album geared to assure people of who they are in Christ. Lawrence has worked well with Karen, and the good work extends to the new album. There are however a few moments where it seems like a Donald Lawrence and Company album featuring Karen Clark Sheard instead of the other way around. 

The groove for the title track is just right, and Karen works the song with her signature runs and growls. However, she makes sure to emphasize the message that those who are in Christ are the winners over trials and meant to triumph. The title of the song "My God Is Big" is self-explanatory, but the way it jams has to be mentioned. Karen's voice is deceptively versatile. It is seasoned and unmistakable, but with a youthfulness to it. Her son J. Drew Sheard produced this song, and he again shows that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Karen's album 2nd Chance was one of those albums where she dared to tackle songs that were a nice stretch for her, proving that she has been one to push the envelope. So it was a nice surprise to have a live version here of the banger "Only Call On Jesus." In typical Donald Lawrence fashion, he rearranges "We Acknowledge You" into a slower worship song in ¾ time. 

Any fans of Karen, with or without her sisters, know that she can work a song. She took us straight to church with "It's Already Looking Better" and encourages the masses to dance and praise God in advance. 

Closing Thoughts:
I love Karen Clark Sheard and her ability to preserve her powerful soprano voice. Fans will enjoy Destined to Win, although they may not like the fact that there are only 7 new songs and three remakes. However, the "less is more" approach shows that 10 total songs are enough for a complete album. 

Song to Download Now:
"My God Is Big" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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