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Songs of Resilience
Posted June 01, 2015
By DwayneLacy_NRT, Staff Reviewer

In the last few years, Marvin Sapp has been like a palm tree. He has been bent by the death of his wife, father and two great friends, and he was left to take care of his three children. However, he has popped back up to continue to pastor Lighthouse Fellowship Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and he continues to preach and sing across the world. His resilience is nothing short of amazing, and now he's venturing to release an album titled You Shall Live.  

This is yet another album with the help of Aaron Lindsay at the helm as producer. Lindsay has become a trusted friend and confidant for Marvin, as Aaron has been producing for Marvin Sapp since Marvin released the crossover smash (and theme song for many) "Never Would Have Made It." Myron Butler again assumes the role of vocal producer. Returning singers Candy West, Deonis Cook and Chelsea West, along with Darian Yancey-Mackey, bassist Darrell Freeman and drummer Calvin Rodgers, help round out the crew that has worked on last three or four albums for Marvin. This formula continues to work, and it stays fresh. 

It is safe to say that people will take notice and listen when Sapp drives the churchy "Count On You," because this is something he knows to be true. It's something about songs like "Count on You" and "Beloved" that just move you when experiencing them live or just listening at home. One feels empowered and inspired as they put their focus on God. By the time you get to the vamp of "Beloved," as they shout, "Thank You for Your Love.../Thank You for your favor," you will be all in and ready to hear this song over and over. 

I love the versatility of the album. The "jam" of the album is the up-tempo and funky "Greater," written by Sapp, Lindsay and Stan Jones. Some may think it has an "Uptown Funk" vibe, but many artists have been doing this style before that smash hit came out. Byron "Talkbox" Chambers adds his touch and he sends the song into high gear.

"Live" is a wonderful ballad set to help those who are on the verge of throwing in the towel. This may be the anthem that many people will gravitate towards, and will likely be another song that will garner many emails, tweets and inbox messages to Marvin. 

Closing Thoughts: 
I was a little doubtful and biased because this is a studio release, and I tend to like the "live" Marvin Sapp albums more than the studio releases. Much to my delight, You Shall Live really does not have a feel of a studio album. When listening to songs like "Your Love Wins," people should walk away feeling empowered. 

Song to Download Now: 
"Live" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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