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Broken Temples Review
Posted March 16, 2015
By jstuart,

Kevin Max former DCTalk member and former Audio Adrenaline singer has come out with his 10thstudio solo album. Kevin is a very creative guy, not only does he write music but he also writes poetry and books. But we are here to talk about his newest music album. In 2012 Audio A came back together with Kevin Max fronting the band. After the first album with Max “Kings and Queens” Audio A management wanted the band to be more of a worship band rather then what they were, a rock and roll Christian band. Kevin didn’t feel that, that’s where he was supposed to be so he went solo once again.

Broken Temples” is the name of his new album, as you seen in the album cover I think that’s Morris Code. This album features songs that Kevin was writing while still in Audio A. In past albums Kevin Max has written things that were sort of dark and mysterious, this album doesn’t really live up to that. It is more about his journey in his faith and walk with Jesus Christ. I think it is a great album, I have always liked Kevin’s voice, and it has always been so smooth and soothing if you will. It’s music to my ears. I think God knew what he was doing when he created Kevin Max. Well let’s get right into the music and go track by track.

Good Kings Highway: This song is about a person who maybe has grown up with a rough life, doing things he or she maybe shouldn’t have, looking for the right way to go and has found God and found that He is the right path.

Light Me Up: This is about how God lights you up and gives you direction and changes your heart into something good. Even through everything he will light you up.

Just As I Am: I love this song; it may be my favorite song on this album because it’s about how God will take you just as you are. He will meet you wherever you are in life and save you from your sins if you let Him into your life. Another Big Mistake is the same song just remixed by Derek Webb.

Clear: This song is about how God can speak to you but sometimes you just need to be still and quiet to hear him. Going Clear is the same song just remixed by Derek Webb.

When We Were Young: This is about how when we were young or just starting in our walk with Jesus we were all in and really energetic about our faith, and that we need to go back being like that.

That Was Then And This Is Now: This is about how we need to leave our past behind us because God has forgotten about our past when we asked for forgiveness. He whipped our slate clean. White as snow not greyed out or like it’s sort of stained on us but our slate is white as snow!

White Horse: This is about how we will be seeing Jesus riding in a white horse, riding in to save us, pretty simple.

Infinite: God’s love, His mercy, His forgiveness and peace and whatever you think He is, it is infinite. So we shouldn’t be scared or worried about if God could love you enough, because God is infinite.

John Stuart

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