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Posted October 27, 2014
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Since their launch in 2006, London-based church Worship Central has made a significant impact on the world of worship leaders and congregations alike. It started as a movement to empower the local church and has since grown to be a place of resource and training for worship leaders around the world. Their loyal team (Tim Hughes, Luke Hellebronth, Nikki Fletcher and Ben Cantelon) host annual conferences with leadership workshops, speakers and guest worship leaders to help equip the next generation of worshipers. On top of all that, they've recorded several live albums and been the voice behind many great worship songs.

Passionate worship, in and for the church, is just one of the things that Worship Central does well. With their latest musical offering Set Apart, they bring us a new collection of powerful songs for the church.

"The Way" begins the album with an upbeat yet worshipful vibe, declaring "You're the light shining bright in the darkness / Jesus You are the way." "Stand Up," the remake of Meredith Andrew's beautiful "Worth It All," and title track "Set Apart" center around giving all we are for Christ's glory, while "Can't Stop Your Love," "Pursue Me" and "Singing Over Us" are songs that tell of God's unending love for us.

A few moments of spontaneous worship like "All That I Am" and "Wide Open Space" allow us into the more intimate times of their live services and invite us to worship with them. "Your Cross Is Enough," another powerful moment on the album, is praise to God for all He has done to save our souls. Coming to a close, "Dead Things To Life" proclaims the redemption of our Father: "out of the ruins You're making me whole /  the Giver of life awakening hope."

Closing Thoughts:
From the opening sounds of Set Apart, it's evident that there was a sweet presence of God in the room, making the atmosphere worshipful and holy. Live recordings are always a bonus on worship albums, adding power and extra voices to something already beautiful. The moving lyrics mixed with Biblical truth are definitely the strong point of this album, including co-writes with Benji Cowart and Jason Ingram. Over all, Set Apart seems to have served its purpose: empowering believers and giving new songs for the church to lift up to the King.

Song to Download Now:
"Can't Stop Your Love" (Get it on iTunes here.)


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