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Between Rock & A Hard Place
Posted October 13, 2014
By IronJedi,

Black or white. Hot and cold. Good and evil. Dead or Alive. Extremes on continuums. And in-between? An infinite series of points on the scale. Something that seems to define Scarlet White. With the release of the band’s second full-length album, The InBetween fairly erupts with a hard-hitting musical fervor and full-throated rallying cry to move forward; away from angry self-interest, towards the grace-enabled, Christ-promised life of abundance even amidst the struggles and battles of this life.
Founder and guitarist Dan Hall creates a suitably choreographed sonic fusillade for each song. Jacob Hendricks provides the rhythmic bedrock for the band, whether it’s a triplet-laced blistering tempo or the subtle enumeration for the band’s ballads. Spencer Minor’s vocals move along a razor fine line: richly compelling, yet consistently on the edge of a stark huskiness (think Demon Hunter’s Ryan Clark), one which he invariably and ably dives across.
The Inbetween is matchless confirmation that Scarlet White’s debut was no fluke. It is a 14 song tour de force of extremely capable songwriting and a trapeze-like exhibition of vocal delivery, underpinned by hard-edged melodic rock. Fans of Red, Skillet, We As Human, Demon Hunter, Nine Lashes, etc. need to pull the trigger on this album, supporting this immensely talented band!

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