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Reconstructive Surgery
Posted September 29, 2014
By SarahFine_NRT, Staff Reviewer

The old saying goes "if you're good at what you do, the people will come to you."

These tried and true words couldn't be more relevant for emerging remix master David Thulin, who after years of leaving his mark on the underground EDM circuit has begun to make a name for himself in the ever-evolving genre of electronic pop and dance.

His major market debut The Reconstruction caught the attention of CCM's finest (and ultimately, led to an hour-long weekly program on NRT's very own online radio network). As time has gone on and musicians have noticed the Thulin's high caliber, intricate work, it hasn't taken them long to make the approach regarding possible remixes and collaborations.

Reconstruction 2.1, his follow-up EP, was promising, but with this next installment in the Reconstruction remix series, David Thulin is prime to blow the EDM market out of the water.

Word Records artists Francesca Battistelli and pop/rock brother trio Everfound are just two of the names to have the spotlight put on "reconstructed" versions of their popular singles. Franny's "Write Your Story" gets a complete facelift as the upbeat radio hit is transformed into a synth heavy dubstep track, while Everfound's "God Of The Impossible" becomes a closet clubber's melodic nirvana.

"Jumpstart My Heart" by Satellites & Sirens is already a fairly danceable tune in itself, and I wondered if and how Thulin was going to be able to enhance it all. Color me incorrect as he takes one of the group's biggest songs to date and, in my opinion, makes it even better.

Press Play's "Force Of Nature" also receives the royal treatment. Gritty yet playful electronic notes infuse the trance track, making a song that stands up on its own already something worth rediscovering.

The standout original track is featured on this EP in multiple versions, with both a remix and a radio edit. "A Million Lifetimes," with vocals by up-and-coming female vocalist Amber Adams, combines everything wonderful about the dance scene movement while managing to keep the sound fresh and vibrant. Worshipful while still subtle enough to catch the ear of any mainstream listener, I'm rooting for this one when it finally does hit radio.

Closing Thoughts:
David Thulin has manufactured some of his most invigorating work to date with Reconstruction 2.2. Keeping the integrity of the songs in check while still managing to put his stamp on every individual sound, some of today's biggest Christian music hits become all the better in the hands of this musical surgeon. Only time will tell which major artists he'll be reconstructing next!

Song To Download Now:
"A Million Lifetimes" feat. Amber Adams (Get it on iTunes here.)

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