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Redefining Worship Music
Posted September 08, 2014
By SarahWilson_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Seeker & Servant debuts their first album Into your Love I Go with an impressive amount of vulnerability. Their goal of bringing a fresh approach to Christian music is met by their raw and honest lyrics mixed with a catchy sound. Avid listeners of Mumford & Sons and Rend Collective Experiment will be particularly pleased with their electric blend of acoustic folk rock.

The album starts on a high note with the energetic "How Deep the Father's Love for Us," an upbeat track praising God for setting us free. Musically, this is the strongest track on the album. Their blend of music and vocals creates a contagious excitement for worship.

Throughout the rest of the album, it's very obvious that band members Cameron, Chandler and Kody want to glorify God with their music. It's refreshing to listen to music with such authenticity and simplicity. "Our Souls Cry" exemplifies the major theme of praising God in the storm with the lyrics "He still shines / even when the dark is near." The more bubbly track "In Awe" also professes "through death and through life / We'll be lifting your name high."

"Let Me Not" is without a doubt my favorite song on this album. With just a few lines of lyrics, it is impossible not to feel the cries of their hearts to "let me not forget your love / it's all I have." This song jumps out among the others because of the vulnerability shown in the lyrics: "Why has my heart grown hard? / Soften it." The music on this ballad compliments the lyrics flawlessly and makes it a perfect song to listen to if you're struggling with doubt or insecurity.

The second major theme is simply praising God for who He is. The songs "Into Your Love I Go," "Our Greatest Joy" and "Coming Like a Fire" are tracks that you are most likely going to be singing for the rest of the day. These energetic tracks showcase the diverse musical ability of Seeker & Servant while being consistent with their straightforward lyrics.

Closing Thoughts:
What I most admire about Into Your Love I Go is how it's an intimate look into the hearts of the group. The lyrics present a new level of relatability to worship music that truly puts the focus on God. It's a great start for the newly formed band, and I see more potential to be tapped into for future projects.

Song to Download Now:
"Let Me Not" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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