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Posted May 20, 2014
By smittyfan,

First of all, one of the things i appreciate the most about Michael W. Smith is that when he releases special editions of his albums they are released at the same time as the regular album. It's left up to the individual whether they want to pay a couple bucks extra for the additional content, instead of waiting 6 months, a year or even 2 years later to pay more for a repackaged cd. As an avid Smitty fan couldn't resist going for the Deluxe Edition. It's definitely worth the $5 more for the concert video.

Sovereign has a very different feel than all of Michael W. Smith's previous worship offerings. There isn't a live church choir or concert setting, and most of the songs are original, meaning they haven't previously been produced and recorded by someone else. The few that are, haven't been played to death on the radio yet, so it makes this album feel fresher and newer than his previous worship offerings.

While all of Michael's other worship projects averaged 50% original material and 50% previously recorded material, this one contains like 90% new and like only 10% already recorded. Certainly not meaning this as a bad thing, but since the other ones were going for that live church feeling, familiar worship songs were a plus. Some people simply have a hard time learning new songs, so throwing a dozen completely new songs out there to learn on the spot is a bit much. While other people have an ear for music and can pick up a new song before the chorus is over.

You Won't Let Go is one of my favorites as it's based on Romans 38-39 which i remember learning years ago in church and has been a comfort in times when i'm hurting and uncertain of what the future may hold.

I like the catchy almost tinkling bells sound that accompany Sky Spills Over. Soon as i heard the intro knew i'd like the song. The message of hope and inspiration confirms it for me. Definitely another favorite on the album. 

Jeremiah 29:11 has been one of my favorite Bible verses, and even though it's not mentioned in the booklet, it's pretty clear where the inspiration for Sovereign Over Us came from. Always thought that verse would be great as a song and well, here it is.
Songs based on the love and sacrifice of Jesus never grow old, and i for see The Same Power and All Arise becoming Easter traditional songs. Songs like these are the much needed reminder that it's because of Him, we are here.

All in all, while Michael's previous worship projects are what drew me to him and his music, i will treasure this new worship offering for it's fresh sounding originality.

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