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Another Album Well Done
Posted March 10, 2014
By worldtraveler05,

I've been listening to Kutless for quite awhile now, but in the last couple years I've really put them closer to the top of my listening list. I love Sea of Faces, Strong Tower, Believer, and more. So when I heard about Glory, I was quite curious to hear what they'd come out with next. I can't say I was surprised, because I honestly love this new album. It stays true to that great balance of worship and rock that Kutless has found to be their signature sound.
Breakdown by songs:

1. Revelation: Great upbeat song that I can just imagine being sung in a stadium filled with people lifting their hands in worship
2. In Jesus' Name: This would be a great addition to a Sunday morning. It has such a great message and is a great reminder of how much Jesus did for us
3. You Alone: The first single, it's another great song that doesn't stray too far from the sound of Revelation, but still another great song to worship to
4. Never Too Late: I absolutely love the words of this song. I wish that this song would be heard by a lot of people. It is so true... while we are still living Jesus will always accept our coming back to Him
5. All To You: This is my prayer, that I will lift my life up and surrender all to Him.
6. We Lift You Up: This song is a little heavier on the rock side, but I like it. This would be a great one to hear at a show
7. We Will Worship: This is another one of those stadium filled worship songs... great song
8. Rest: I love that Kutless uses bits of scripture in their songs. This is one of those that you can tell was inspired by the Psalms.
9. Restore Me: This one is a little bit more mellow, and is really a plea to God to show His Majesty and restore the person
10. God Rest My Soul: This is honestly my favorite song on the CD. Just something about the music itself and the way they use the drums, but also the words. It's about losing yourself in your new life in Christ and having your soul be at rest because of the Grace He has given. Another Christ Tomlin-esque song I would love to just hear this song filled with people worshipping
11. Always: Another scripture heavy song... with many references to difference passages (ie I will run and not grow weary, you lift me up on eagles wings). Another great song
12. In The City:This one has less of a rock, and more of a Sunday morning song feel to it. It's a song we should be praying every day. "Bless this city in Jesus' Name. Wake up every heart You've changed. Help us be Your hands & feet. May Your love flood every street..."

Overall I would say that many of the songs have a similar sound to it, but that doesn't mean it's bad. It's a sound that Kutless does well and the words are the most important. They are using their talent to glority God. I definitely recommend this CD.

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