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Find Your Worth Come Home
Posted February 12, 2014
By EpicDragon,

To Speak of Wolves' second studio album is the first with Gage Speas.  This is an excellent hardcore/metal album recommended for fans of bands like Underoath, Norma Jean, The Chariot, and Oh, Sleeper.  Tracks like "Hivemind", "Stand Alone Complex", "Broken Birds", and "Voidmaker" are heavy and chaotic.  The album balances these songs with tracks like "Oregon" and "A Simple Thought that Changed Everything".  These are more straightforward rock with mostly clean (sung) vocals by Corey Doran and show some strong similarities to Underoath.  The final cathartic track, "Rearview Memories" juxtaposes spoken and word and piano with the hardcore sound and screamed vocals.  Lyrically it is about two of Gage's friends (Levi the Poet and Bree Macallister) dealing with the suicide of their father. 

I really liked the lyrics on this album.  Throughout Gage deals with some of the real life issues he was experiencing such as his parent's divorce and questioning his faith as well as positive themes such as finding your worth and being who you were born to be.

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