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A Talent-Filled Appetizer
Posted December 05, 2013
By MarkRyan_NRT, Staff Reviewer

I Need You is the debut release from Seth & Nirva Ready, blending gospel, R&B, hip-hop and pop, making the kind of "musical gumbo" tobyMac talks about. Speaking of tobyMac, fans of his will recognize Nirva's name and/or voice as part of his Diverse City Band. The thing is, Nirva doesn't sing, she saangs! This lady has an incredible voice that will make you get up and testify to God's goodness and giftings.

Prior to hearing the album, I had only ever heard Nirva sing, and yet Seth isn't a slouch in the talent department, either. The boy has some pipes of his own and whether it's the Gospel sound on "Praise Him" or the pop/CCM sound on "Free People," Seth's talent level clearly shines.

Somewhat of a surprise to me is that Seth & Nirva are not signed to Gotee records, but have instead chosen to take the independent path. Like a Bob Ross painting, it is a happy surprise. I am excited that an artist who has been so closely tied with tobyMac's Diverse City Band, can, in a sense, cut the cord and break out on their own. A few of Diverse City crew do have features on the album including Byron "Mr. Talkbox" Chambers on "Free People" and tobyMac himself shows up on the electro-dance track, "All Praise."

As good as the vocals are, and the solid production values are on the album, one thing is clear: the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Whether it is personal testimony on "Praise Him," upbeat praise and worship on "All Praise" or the evangelical message in "Whole World," Jesus is at the center of this album. 

Closing Thoughts:
This is a refreshing break from standard CCM. Seth & Nirva are a diverse couple with a diverse sound. I Need You is an appetizer of something bigger to come. I personally can't wait for the main course.

Song You Ought to Download:
I Need You [Remix]

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