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The best wordsmiths and beatmakers participate in "Group Therapy"
Posted October 29, 2013
By DwayneLacy_NRT, Staff Reviewer

It is always great to introduce an artist (even if it's not a new artist) to the NRT readers and family. Sivion is definitely a veteran in the sense that he has dropped several solo albums, as well as projects with Deepspace 5. 
This Dallas resident is still seen as more of an underground rapper. He hits us again (with a little help from his friends) with Group Therapy. This basically features "er'body and their mama" with emcees such as Ozay Moore, Sareem Poems, Tunnel Rats alumni Propaganda, Jurny Big, Zane, Macho and Shames Worthy. The beats are laid by Symbolic One, Courtland Urbano, Theory Hazit, Harry Krum, M Slago, Dert and more. With all of the different hands in this album, Sivion makes sure that he makes it his own. 
Hip-hop really started as a party genre with songs like "Rapper's Delight," which would inject more life into house parties and discos alike. Fast forward to 2013 and oftentimes people do not associate "real" hip-hop with one of those joints that can get things hopping. Sivion is definitely an emcee who is not ashamed to get things popping. 
Check "Ladies and Gentlemen." It's uptempo, energetic, but still hip-hop. Siv promises to bring Christ to any show and everywhere he goes on "Ask The Deejay." Kaboose and Ruslan bring their wordplay while the Kraken laces the track that will have you vibing real hard to this one. 
"Out to Win," produced by fellow Dallas resident and Deepspace 5 cohort Freddie Bruno, has a slight feel of a old Wu-Tang song. Sivion, Macho and Manchild each speak of taking last place to God to beat sin and overcome the "traps and the greed of men." The "party" continues with another "that's my jam" song. "One Two" features butter vocals by Heather James and the right beat for the job provided by Sebmaestria. Sivion wants to continue to bring Christ's light and love to give people hope during the darkest times. 
Closing Thoughts:
This is a definite banger another highlight for 2013. It may be an acquired taste for those who are used to a certain format and formula in Christian hip-hop, or rap in general. Check it out and vibe to it. Be blessed and invite more to this "party" call the life in Christ. 
Song to Download Now: 
"One Two" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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