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Hip Hop Evangelism
Posted May 18, 2013
By MarkRyan_NRT, Staff Reviewer

The Good Fight is the latest release from Bizzle. It is a project filled with passion and reality. The production values are excellent and the lyricism is clever. Bizzle doesn't pull any punches in his message and gets straight to the heart of the matter while ensuring the listener understands the heart of the One that matters.
The album opens with "Lead Me", a laid back track with a solid R&B vibe in the chorus and the hook. The song speaks to being a better follower of God and submitting to His will for our lives. There will be times that we make mistakes; it is our true heart that shows when we come to God in humility and ask Him to lead us.
"Here We Go" is up next and continues with the theme of following God and listening to what he has for us. Bizzle's lyrics touch on reality while not accepting that reality is right. At the end of it all it is important that we follow God and not our own plans. 
Next up on the album is "Do It Again." This song brings up the energy level of the album. The bass hits harder and the lyrics are rougher. Willie "P-Dub" Moore Jr. adds with vocals on the chorus. The song is tight. 
A real dose of reality is up next in "Think 4 A Minute." Bizzle comes hard at guys stuck in the stereotypical ‘hood lifestyle. He touches on use of the "N" word and pimp as ways to greet one another; he boldly asks the question whether it would be OK to say if he was white. It is not typical for Christian hip-hop artists to be so blatant in their phrasing, but is truly refreshing to hear someone come straight out and ask the questions.
"Dear Hip Hop" is an open letter to the hip-hop culture and how it teaches young men to act and behave. It touches on everything from style, gun culture, and the ill treatment of women. The lyrics are straightforward and at some points raw. Rather than glorifying a lifestyle, it condemns it for how it ruins lives of everyone involved. It ends with talking about how his real Father has always been in his life but he walked away. The realization that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life is delivered in an incredibly effective manner. 
"You Know" is up next. This song bangs hard. Bizzle's message of redemption in Christ and the straight talk toward the foolishness around stereotypes yet speaking clearly on how regardless how foolish the stereotypes are, they are alive and well. This song is an updated Christ-centered version of the speech that Furious gives to Tre and Ricky about gentrification in Boyz N The Hood.
In "Higher," Bizzle changes from outspoken political activist to a man just wanting to serve God with more of himself and his gifts. "Against You" speaks to how much easier it is to hear about the world then about God. The song touches on God being taken out of schools, God being hard to find on the radio and God generally being considered as an enemy. The lyrics speak to the core of the issues in society today. If you're tired of memes on facebook, this song will easily replace them with much more style and substance.
"The Way" takes us back to the core of the Gospel. The song features the vocal talents of Haley Hunt on the chorus and the beats are incredible. "I'm A Christian" is a bold declaration of faith regardless of how many people attack Bizzle about his boldness in his faith. He also encourages other believers to stand firm and speak out who we are. 
The album closes with "Not Alone" and features Nina Sims with vocals on the chorus. The track speaks to how regardless of how many times we fall, we are not alone. Regardless of the circumstance you were born into, your Father in heaven cares deeply for you. 
Closing Thoughts:
This albums contains 19 tracks plus 2 bonus songs. It is a lyrical work of art and touches on so many real issues. It speaks to every dark and dingy situation and will make the intended audience think about their current lifestyles. This is hip-hop evangelism at its finest.
Song to Download Now:
"Dear Hip Hop" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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