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Hmmmm... Not CHaotic Resolve
Posted February 19, 2013
By justink,

Plumb has been one of those artists that either hits in right on the head or misses completely - This album is somewhere in between the two- She's not the same artist she was on Chaotic Resolve before- seems like her focus has shifted but she still doesn't want to lose the edge- BUT wants to be more commericially accepted

I thought the opener (Invisible) lacked substance- and just tried to use strange/eerie chord progressions to get that edgy/dark vibe without really having any lyrical power. 

Drifting was ok. Could have done without Dan H.

Beautiful is a pretty love song----you can tell that life has changed for Tiffany (marriage/kids)

One Drop- got on the Jason Mraz/Ingrid Michaelson (sounds a lot like Blood Brothers) band wagon- w/ ukelele and a breezy pop song 
I Want You Here is a beautiful song. Again- you can tell that life has changed. but It's beautiful 

Say Your Name is an ok pop/rock song - lyrically it's pretty much the same theme as all the songs on this album

Unlovable is a great message/song- it's challenging 

Need You Now- I don't like this song- when I heard it- it's depressing and never really moves anywhere musically

Chocolate and Ice Cream- Again with the kind of breezy  piano pop that is (One Drop)- think a little Sara Bareallis thrown in. 

I Don't Deserve You- same theme as drifting/Say your name/ Need you now/ 

Cage- I WISH there were more songs like this. THIS is the plumb that I'VE WAITED FOR. 

At Arms Length- lyrically it's great- musically there are two many songs that are similar to it on the album that by the time you get to this song- you feel like you've already heard it. 

Download: Cage/ At Arm's Lenght/ Unlovable. 

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