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Planetshakers Makes A Little Rumbling
Posted January 14, 2013
By JJFrancesco_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Planetshakers is a youth movement that has grown into somewhat of a phenomenon. Their target demographic is apparent very early in their latest (record live) record, Limitless. There's an undeniable infectious energy to most of the tracks that should be quite appealing to the younger crowd. This is definitely the kind of music that sounds pretty good played before arenas of young Christians joining in worship. And there's also a good mix of the faster and slower tracks to keep the variety on the record solid.
"Let Praise Awaken" and the title track ("Limitless") are great anthems in the early half of the album that have a good radio appeal and accessible sound that still keeps the lyrics meaningful: "You are faithful, and Youʼre able to do anything / So I trust You, never doubt You / Cause You hold it all / Every day of my life Iʼll praise You / Every moment Iʼll bless Your name / You have given me love unfailing." Another great phrase sings: "I'm saying goodbye to any limitation / I'm saying hello to the God of all creation."

"Great is Your Love"
takes a more reflective nature and offers a sonic balance to the faster tracks. There are more of these in the latter half of the album.
Musically, there's a lot of good stuff here. There's some good guitar work throughout the faster tracks and strategically placed strings help elevate other tracks. There are some good beats, rousing cheers, and soft moments of inspiration. There are soft verses and soaring choruses. Pretty much everything and a little bit of the kitchen sink are tossed into here but it never sounds too overloaded. Planetshakers seemed to actually follow the recipe for good worship music to the tee. The balance between all of the sounds is pulled off quite effectively.
There's really not much to complain about. You pretty much know going into Planetshakers what kind of music they produce, and for what they produce, it's a pretty exceptional result.
Closing Thoughts: 
Planetshakers succeeds in making an accessible and appealing-to-youth album full of catchy songs glorifying Christ our Savior. The music's safe and catchy, and often musically rewarding. It's a pleasantly surprising musical offering.

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