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Jordan Copas: Copas on Focus (Volume 1)
Posted December 22, 2012

Anybody who has been reading this site for a while has probably heard the name Jordan Copas. I have seen this brother grow in his craftsmanship and in Christ over the past year; and, so I was super pumped to see that he was releasing another album this year: On Focus (Volume 1). With each release, you can see Copas' lyrics, beats, rapping - everything - get gradually better. With that said, On Focus, is easily Copas' best work to date.


The album begins with "Half a Brick," which also happens to be one of the best songs on the record. I love the line in the chorus in which Copas cries out to God, "Bring your truth from my head to my heart." This line summarizes the song perfectly which is about growing in our walk with Christ and knowing Him better. "Significance" follows that up with another stellar song, this one dealing with the fact that we matter to God and He created us for a purpose. "Control" is about giving God control of our lives and giving him the reigns. "The Cure" talks about God's love and the greatness of God to forgive us.

"Have Mercy" is the first song with a collaboration; Copas partnered up with Dishon, a fellow Full Grind Productions artist. The song is one of the better on the album from a production standpoint; and, is also very strong from a lyrical perspective. "Abide" follows that up with maybe my favorite song lyrically on the album. Copas talks about how we need to abide in Christ because we cannot do anything on our own. On "Metamorphosis" the beat steals the show with easily the best beat on the album. I could listen to this song all day just based on the fantastic beat.

Copas has become known for his collaborations with Benjah; and, so far those have been the strongest songs on each of his albums. This album is no different. "Lay it Down" is easily the best overall song on the album. Benjah is one of those guys who can add so much to a song; and, anytime I see he is on a song I automatically have very high expectations for it.

The album begins to come to a close with "How to Pray," which really slows the pace down. This song sees Copas struggling with prayer and what to pray for - something I think every Christian struggles with at some point in their walk. "Reservoir" has more of an acoustic feel to it - something you do not see very often on a rap album. This song has quickly become another one of my favorites on the album. I also really respect him for singing his own hook on this song. Most rappers will not even try to sing their own hooks; so, I definitely give him props for that. "Copas on Focus (G.5)" finishes off the album on a high note - much more upbeat than the two previous songs.

I have really enjoyed seeing Jordan Copas grow over the past year; and, I have definitely enjoyed hearing his music mature as well. On Focus is by far Copas' best release to date; and, even though it may not be up to Lecrae's level, I can definitely see his music getting closer and closer to that achievement. This album shows definite improvement in all areas of music - from the beats, to the lyrics, to the production, even to the rapping. On Focus is definitely worth your time. Make sure you check out this release from Copas and definitely be on the lookout for more stuff from him in the future!


Favorite Song: Lay it Down


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