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George Moss releases a "timely" album
Posted November 13, 2012
By DwayneLacy_NRT, Staff Reviewer

George Moss has been a very busy man--especially doing festivals, concerts, and other gigs with KJ-52, We Are Leo and more. He releases It's Time, an album of hip-hop with a good share of rock elements. He also adds pop elements and even some autotune. 
I cannot put Moss in the category of what we hip-hop heads call a lyricist, but does have some very good elements. Anthony "A.R. FLEXX" Raglin produced the majority of it with musical accompaniment from Brian Kops, Jason Arntz and Daniel Rosas. 
"Breeze" is a little throwback rock feel topped with guitars, smooth singing on the chorus and a little organ in the background. Moss raps about his prayers for salvation of family members, but he chooses to just cast his burdens to God and just enjoying life. The live instruments are definitely a plus on "Can't Stop" and it will make it easy for Moss fans to enjoy his live performances. This is a head nodder even with the fact that it would have been nice to hear a little more "fire" in his voice. It sounds weird to hear his chill flow with such "driving" music. 
For those who love the dance/electronica songs, check out, "Hands Up" and the fun "Loud." Youth groups take notice of these songs because they will make a long trip more enjoyable. "Ridin With the Windows Up" has a Dirty South beat topped with a verse by one of the hardest working artists in Christian music, KJ-52. The problem with the song is the auto-tuned vocals of A.R. Flexx that sound like too much like a bad impression of T-Pain. "Go Hard Go Home" is a few years old now, but it is still the jam and Moss assures us that he will never stop his mission of being a vessel for Christ.
The title song ("It's Time") is a call to Christ in the midst of struggles and pains that people go through in everyday life. He wants people to stand and face their problems and not to run away from them. Amber Fugitt sings the chorus which says, "I think it's the right time to move / I think it's the right time to choose / I'm throwing a lifeline to you / Just hoping you might find the Truth / It's time."
Closing Thoughts:
George Moss offers the fun songs, but he is also transparent with his struggles and reliance on God. That is to be applauded. For some reason, I really believe that George Moss will probably kill his live set while performing songs from It's Time. However, not everyone will have the luxury of seeing him live and they will only judge him based on this CD alone. There are more hits than there are misses, but the misses are still there. 

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