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Jason Gray Ways to See in the Dark
Posted September 25, 2012
By craigin44,

 This album was released nearly a year ago but I am just now beginning to fully appreciate it!  With A Way to See in the Dark, Jason Gray has created an album that is both radio friendly and artistically significant.  With a heavy emphasis on percussion and acoustic guitar, the songs Gray has crafted feel both intimate and explosive at the same time.  The overarching theme of the album is the idea of overcoming fear.  Songs like "No Thief Life Fear" and "Fear is Easy, Love is Hard" obviously address the theme in a straightforward yet powerful manner where "Remind Me Who I Am", "Nothing is Wasted", "I Will Find a Way" and "Without Running Away" take a more subtle approach.  Musically, this is straight up singer-songwriter pop with catchy melodies and big choruses.  What sets Way to See apart is the variety of drum sounds throughout the record.  From the driving beat of "Remind Me Who I Am", to the foot-stomping country feel of "There's No Thief Like Fear" to the sunny radio pop of "Good to Be Alive" to the off-beat syncopated drum pattern of the stellar closing worship track "Jesus, We Are Grateful", you're not going to hear the same drum pattern twice (something many CCM artists should learn from). What was most impressive to me with this album though was Gray's ability to weave Bible characters, doctrine and confessional truth into each and every song.  So much is said in the smallest of lines ("Jesus who rescues us from the wrath to come/You are the "Ark of God" to save us from the flood/ You are right to judge my sinful heart/ But Your glory is Your mercy" and "I was dead in all my sin and shame till You spoke my resurrection" from "Jesus We Are Grateful"; "Every chapter that we've been through has taught me to rely on You- Jesus, teach me that again!" from "The Other Side"; "Run the risk of fearlessly loving, without running away" from "Without Running Away")
With A Way to See in the Dark, Jason Gray has found the perfect balance between pop and artistry and has created one of the best pieces of music of the past year.
Radio Ready: "Remind Me Who I Am", "Good To Be Alive", "The End of Me", "A Way to See in the Dark" (look for "I Will Find a Way" to show up around Christmas this year...)
iPod Picks: "Remind Me Who I Am", "Good To Be Alive", "There's No Thief Life Fear", "Fear is Easy, Love is Hard", "Jesus We Are Grateful"

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