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"Crave" by For King & Country
Posted June 21, 2012
By Lostage93,

 For King & Country are a group that came out of the blue and is easily one of my favorite new artist of the year. They are Rebecca St. James brothers Luke and Joel. This album discusses the transition from a life that desires the flesh and craves the pleasures and values of the world into the Christian life and fruitful path that we have with hope , peace and joy. Check the book of Ecclesiastes if you are struggling with letting go of possesions that may become idols where we turn away from the word some and things like that. Solomon is the author of Ecclesiastes and this book out of God's word represents this album best.

The Meanings behind the songs:

1. Light It Up - Light It Up is a song that discusses the things we have to let go of in life , whether it be posessions we have to sacrifice to God to have a better relationship with him or just letting go of the sin that lies within our hearts. " Every creatures fate is there's and there's alone" - On the day of judgement all of us will die different ways. Luke and Joel want to bring to notice in the Christian community that our actions and life reflects how we are going to die when judgement comes in Revelations. We can choose whether we want to chase the lusts, pleasures , envies , greed , and self-ambition , self-mortification of the world.

2. The Proof Of Your Love - Anything that we do that isn't for the Lord has no meaning at all. If we donate to charity for example but feel forced to and have no passion in it then it isn't true love. All of our lives need to reflect God's love in how we treat others. If we feel forced to help others but do not do it with compassion and love then it is meaningless.

3. Missing is a song that describes our seperation from God when the wind pushes us back in the cycle of our life and we return to our own ways and actions. " They said we never would survive" - The world thinks that sin cannot be conquered but we as Christians know sin can be defeated just by asking God to remove whatever struggle we are going through. This song is the most upbeat , true and inspirational out of the album. It covers themes of Redemption , God's Mercy , Hope for this generation dispite hard times of waiting for God to return. Sometimes until we return to our own ways we don't realize why God protects us from returning to our old life.

4. Busted Heart is there number 1 single right now. We all have moments in our life where we feel like our heart is dying due to our flesh taking over. This song covers themes of embrace , returning to God , and it is also a testimony of For King & Country. We all have a " Busted Heart" because we have times where we drift away from God's mercy and we chase the wind and things of the wind such as Satan's feelings of lusts , greed , ambition , denial , despair etc...

5. People Change is a simple song describing how when people ask us how we are doing we usually say we are alright but really we are not. People change and this is a song where the band discusses how so many people's ways change when they are in the arms of the Lord on there spiritual journey. After people accept God as there saviour they never are the same as they once were.

6. Pushing On A Pull Door is the deepest and most symbolic song on this album. The door represents the gateway or bridge between us and God. We try to enter through one door but then it winds us back due to our flesh's evil desires. Through our journey and struggles in life, it is like pushing a door and falling flat on our face again learning from our mistakes and God picks us back up to keep going and advancing through our jouney to be more intimate and true to him.

The Last song I want to discuss here is Crave - this is the overall theme of the album itself where we are all chasing for hope and ends the transition between us leaving our flesh and giving up our desires and/or possesions we want and have for our selfish-ambition. Sometimes we may feel like we need to run away from our problems , but we cannot hide because God sees everything. Instead, we should confront it first hand and repent anytime we are aware of any of the least or any of the most sins broken in God's law and word.

Overall: This album will go in my nominees for Best Alternative Rock album of the year and best Album of the year. For King & Country bring alot to the Christian music community and world that is missing. Some lyrics just lack that deepness and passion, healing through the various struggles of life that people need to hear everyday and week to help them feel Redemption , Hope and Joy.

Overall Score: 5/5 - An absolute suprise this year from Luke and Joel , that bring something fresh , new and a fantastic sound like Coldplay that brings a overabundance of peace and redemption to the table and to the Christian market.

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