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Freedom Review - Mandisa
Posted May 06, 2012
By Lostage93,

Mandisa is an artist who blends in Pop with Christian music. Her Debut album “True Beauty” was released about two years before this one. She was previously on American Idol and started her career with her debut CD “True Beauty” which came out in 2007. This is her 2009 album “Freedom”

“My Deliverer” is a soft tune that basically says that God freed us from our sin and we are to praise him to thank him for freeing us from sin. “How Much” is very catchy and has smooth vocals and asks the question , Do you know how much you are loved by God. She uses metaphors such as towers and compares how much we are loved more than ever man-made thing that earth could ever provide. She gives reassurance to all believers to reassure us that we have value no matter what other people say in this world. How much does God really love us?

“The Definition of Me” states what qualities a person wants in a life and the qualities that are shown through a “Fruitful Life” Vs. the “Sinful” life or life that bears no fruit. It is a very upbeat and catchy song and Mandisa even raps some through one of the verses of the song. The beat is perfect and the song is raw and fits the qualities that lie within a fruitful life pleasing to the Lord  and being free from sin.

“Not Guilty” is a song that stands out among others in this CD. It is very upbeat, heartfelt and pure worship thanking the Lord for all he has done.

This is a very solid album with a mix of soft and high upbeat songs with strong and intense vocals. The first few songs are softer and the rest is very upbeat and she sings so well. She sings a song sang by another Christian artist called “A Broken Hallelujah”

This is a great release from Mandisa and if you are looking for something different with great vocals and great beats mixed in with Pop music then you will love Mandisa’s music.

Overall score: 5/5

I give it a 5/5 due to the incredible vocals and intense beats used to praise that she uses in this to make mainstream Pop meets Christian music work today.

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