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Bluetree Live At Exchange Church Belfast Review
Posted April 12, 2012
By Lostage93,

 Bluetree's mission as an Alternative Rock/ Christian/ CCM band is to deliver their uplifting songs and messages inside their songs to churches everywhere for worship and praise. I would classify them  more as Alternative rock but they have good worship and praise tracks in this album that got me to like this band. This Live album was preformed in their hometown and home church in Ireland. It's more easy to probally come across this album through Mp3 download even though I managed to find a copy of the physical CD at my local Christian music store.

Following their debut release of God of this City in 2009 , this Live album are some of the same songs preformed though at their church in Ireland , too me the Live version is much more energetic and upbeat. Songs like " God of this City" , " God's Plan" , " Each Day" and even a new track called " Kingdom" which will be on their summer 2012 release titled " Kingdom."

I highly enjoyed this album and recommend it to worship pastors , missionaries and Youth leaders. Not only do I recommend it to people with occupations in Church and missionary work but also to anyone who wants some Church music at home or in your car. This album is excellent and a great experience for anyone who hasn't seen Bluetree preform Live before. The sound is increased and I love their new song called " KIDS." 

KIDS is where the people in Ireland at that Church speak their native language and it is very beautiful even if some of us on here speak only one language. It is just a great CCM/ Alternative Rock album to worship the Lord at home , in the Car and at Church.

I highly reccomend this album over their debut release, if you haven't got this Live album yet I suggest you search for it somewhere and pick it up if you like Alternative Rock that is Christian music.

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