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No Fear Here
Posted March 27, 2012
By KellyS, Staff Reviewer

As worship pastor at Saddleback Church, Travis Ryan knows what elements create a great worship song and what resonates with believers. Beyond the members of Saddleback, Ryan desires the church as a whole to experience what God has for them.

Throughout his debut album, Fearless, Ryan challenges the Body of Christ to be bold and courageous. “The title track, and the whole album, is really a prayer that the church would be 1 John 4:18 – ‘There is no fear in love; instead, perfect love drives out fear,’” he says. “This is a prayer for me and truth that the church must come alive to.”

“Battle Song” is an anthem, calling the church to be united in Christ. The chorus sings, “The sound of joy is our cry, we shout this anthem to lift You high, the mighty Lord is alive and strong, we join our voices and sing our battle song.” As believers, we should be unafraid to go into battle for God and what He stands for.

The first radio single off the album, “Jesus, Precious Jesus” is a pure worship song. The first line sings, “This is what hope feels like, breathing in brand new life, the breath of Your lungs, bringing us back to love.” Co-written with David Leonard and Leslie Jordan (All Sons & Daughters), this song is praise in its purest form.

Co-written with Matt Redman, “Awaken Us” asks God to bring the church back to life and revive a new fire in us. The chorus sings, “This is our desire, come like a fire, awaken us, awaken us… You brought us to our knees, burn through our apathy, we need You, how we need You.”

Title track, “Fearless” sums up the entire album. Ryan sings, “Fearless, make us fearless, give us courage, for You are with us…come unlock us with your boldness and make us fearless.” This could be a really powerful song when sung in unison with a group of fellow believers.

Closing Thoughts:
If you’re a worship leader looking for some new songs that will light a fire in the hearts of your people, Travis Ryan’s “Fearless” is a great start. Each song is full of truth and praise to a God who loves and expects His children to live out what they believe, which in essence is true worship.

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