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Jason Castro Review - Jason Castro
Posted March 25, 2012
By Lostage93,

Jason Castro is known for his Pop music and recently got involved in the Christian music community through K-love. This album mostly explains his love for a girl and how he can be her provider and how he feels. He has such as distinctive and smooth voice, this is the best Christian-Pop album I have in my collection so far. This album has exceeded my expectations for the moment I put it in a little while ago. His voice is really the selling point for his album and the Cover art is beautiful.

He is laying in a pool of water with his hair back. Inside the lyrics , his lyrics are in spiral form where the lyrics wrap around a painting of him. The song lyrics are across his body in the mural or painting which is something I never have seen in the music industry much as far as creativity.

Behind the Songs : The Meaning

“Let’s just fall in love again” - He likes this girl and when he meets his first love it’s hard to speak to her sometimes because he is afraid he will mess up his first date. He says he will date her and spend all day with her and is very touching for a love song. It reassures that God is our provider and loves us and always spends everyday with us.

“This heart of mine” - He unleashes his feelings on how he can provide for this girl he has fallen in love with. We as Brothers and Sisters in Christ need to provide for the Christian communities needs as well.

“That’s what I’m here for” is a song that just reassures the girl he loves that he is always there for her. As people in Christ we must love everyone and be there for them in good and bad times even when it’s the worst of struggles. God always helps us though to guide them and then he does the rest to lead his people weak in faith into the right direction.

the next song talks about the things he wants his lover to provide for his needs.

Closer is just a beautiful reminiscence of the first time he met a girl he loved and how their love was at first. He feels joy in his heart everytime he hears that the girl says she is his and wants to see more of her heart. I actually feel joy in my heart I know when I love everyone in the body of Christ. Some of my friends I have , I tend to have a special connection in my heart for them because they are like family to me.Each of my friends have a purpose in life and I love all of my friends more than they’ll ever know b/c I love having a family of friends in the Body of Christ.

Now I will break down my score for the Album:
Creativity : 10/10
Sound: 10/10
Message: 10/10
Replayability on all tracks : 10/10
I give it an overall perfect score of a 10/10 b/c It is such a beautiful peace of art and his lyrics make me feel very peaceful.

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