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Posted March 04, 2012
By dyl464,

In 2010 Sent By Ravens released their debut album, Our Graceful Words, on Tooth & Nail Records with critical acclaim. Now two years later we get their next highly anticipated album titled Mean What You Say. The formula that is on Mean What You Say is a significant difference from their debut, but it works surprisingly well.

The first song, "Prudence," comes off as almost punk rock with crunchy guitar chords and fast drum beat. "Rebuild, Release" is another upbeat rocker that really showcases the range that vocalist Zach Riner has to offer. The heaviest song, "We're All Liars," is an amazing, agnst filled song and features the only screams on the album. The album slows a bit for "Learn From The Night" and "Mean What You Say," and contains a couple nice ballads called "Never Be Enough" and "Best In Me."

The lyrics on this album are about as honest as you can get. "Listen" is a meaningful song with lyrics that tell us that the best way to love is to listen ("Love is waiting for you patiently, when you learn to listen"). The song "Need It Today" talk of the need to live right everyday ("it's easy to say I'll get better soon, but I need it today"). The final song "Best In Me," is about relying on God's strength ("I'm not that strong, honestly I'm not, but You always see the best in me").

The major flaw is that the album has only 10 tracks, 32 minutes in length, and ends abruptly. The sophmore slump has been avoided by Sent By Ravens. They have found a great balance between heavy, melodic, and soft sounds that blend well. The metal sounds from their debut are almost completely gone, but this album is great for rock fans in general.

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