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Shining Like a Diamond!
Posted February 07, 2012
By jonathaniruiz,

After taking a few years off from the music spotlight, the multi-platinum selling and highly accoladed Jaci Velasquez is back. The now happily married wife of Nic Gonzalez (Salvador lead vocalist) and mother of two small boys (Zealand & Soren), the singer's latest project shines as one of the best female vocalist and overall pop projects in the last years and recent. Musically the album embodies a versatile of pop elements, vocally stronger than ever before, and lyrically pure genius.

The album starts with the title track Diamond, a personal testimony of how through our hardships and failures in life God is doing something beautiful.  The chorus echoes, “How you take an ordinary life and fill it up with so much life because of your love. And I know you see straight through me and trust what You are doing til I’m shining like a diamond”, creating a perfect picturesque of how, as Jaci states a diamond’s “flaws and imperfections” are what make it sparkle the most. The upbeat Give Them Jesus initiates in a longing for the mission field in order to “change the world”, when many times it is in one’s daily norm where one can shine and give the world Jesus.

Beautifully arrayed, The Sound of Your Voice has radio single written all over, as well as potential future worship song to accompany. The song declares God’s majestic grandeur found in His voice that called all of creation into existence.  The fun &  jazzy Stay resonates a mother’s wish for her children to pertain as babies forever, consciously knowing and wanting to doubt the day they will grow up and leave home. Fall For You comes through the perspective of God and the infinite grace He has towards His children.

Jaci has always been known for her Spanish music, and sharing her Hispanic heritage enriches even more this already stunning record. Con El Viento En Mi Favor (With the Wind in My Favor) comes as a sequel to the story of her highly successful Spanish single Come Se Cura Una Herida. The earlier single discussed a wounded heart and being amidst the healing process, the later delves into complete restoration.

Inciting in piano flares and slowing in hushing acoustics, Tell Me Again comes as a prayer to be reminded of one’s true identity found as a child of God.  The orchestral strings and build up endow this enriching song.  The catchy Girl appears to be made for the screen or stage with musical like arrangements mirroring themes of “identify” and “self-worth” calling to embrace one’s uniqueness.

The fast paced Trust in You conjoins pop rock and techno remix elements that alter the album’s already multifaceted shimmer.  Similarly, Guilty keeps the fast pace with stronger rock integrates resonating themes of fully accepting God’s grace and letting go of shame. Accompanied with a piano lead and violins, the hushing Good Morning Sunshine dismisses listeners warmly.

Closing Thoughts

Jaci Velasquez was a huge hit in the late 1990s and early 2000s in both English and Spanish markets, and Diamond clearly demonstrates why. Jaci never adheres to one sole genre style, but adroitly exhibits a versatile in musical selections. Surely pop yet embodying its many elements, the album soars as a must have. Diamond takes longtime fans to her early works and is a perfect introduction for new listeners. The album excels as a strong comeback from one of the world's most beloved Christian artists of all time.

Welcome back Jaci, we’ve all dearly missed you. We are beyond thrilled and ready for this new chapter!

-        -Jonathan Ruiz

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