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Family Force 5: III EP
Posted September 17, 2011

 WARNING!!! This review may be biased!

I must admit, I love Family Force 5. I have everyone of their CDs; and when I saw that FF5 was coming out with a new EP I think I stopped breathing. I was super excited; and of course I had to listen to it.

I have to say Family Force 5 does not disappoint with their new EP. They really showed their versatility on it and I think they may get a few new fans with it as well.

The song "Dang Girl" brought their song "Love Addict" to my mind. It has the same kind of feel to ti and has the same potential to be a great song. The song showcases their rock and punk rock side. It can also be compared a little bit to their song "Kountry Gentleman." It is just a pure punk rock type song.

"Wobble" is just wow! it is definitely a dance song; and it is basically about a new dance they have made up called...the Wobble. You are supposed to wobble your legs back and forth and basically swing your arms back and forth at the same time. I cannot really do it; but I am also not a great dancer. Try it for yourself! The song had me up and dancing (not very well of course) after the first time listening to it. Crouton also raps on it. I read somewhere where they compared to his rapping to the secular rapper Snoop Dog. It is very slow and articulate. It completely amazed me.

The last song on the album is "You Got It," which goes with the theme that Family Force 5 is known for, which is love. The song had a little bit of a Hawaiian feel to it. Maybe it is just me, I do not know. It just sounded like it to me. The song is really good, and shows a little bit more of their melodic side on it.

Family Force 5 did an amazing job on this project. Even though it is only three song long, it is very long, it is very solid. I have heard that they are coming out with another album in late 2011 called III; and I am sure it will be as beast their III EP.

Favorite Song: Wobble

Favorite Lyrics: "Today's pop quiz is wobbology and I'm your professor. Pop quiz for the kids, can you do this? Didn't think so, watch it in slow-mo. Get, get like Jell-O, Jell-O. Dip, dip and make it ghetto, ghetto. Work, work, w-work, work it like a model. Look at you know; let me see you wobble." (From the song "Wobble")

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