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Ranging artist's vocals (Kearney, For King and Country)?
Posted September 05, 2011
By ndnsinger,

Jason Gray, i have heard of that name somewhere, whether it was on the radio, or his songs seem to be everywhere. The song that had me hooked is "I will find a way," I believe that the song was describing his future wife and how the Lord delivered her from things, that were stopping her life from going forward. Jason Gray in one of the songs reminded me of the Mat Kearney of Christian music, with the worshipful lyrics. I kept thinking that the genre of music that he is playing is worship/pop/folk. He also reminded me of For King and Country, formerly known as the group Joel and Luke, his vocals ranged from many different artists. His lyrics and sound as always were changing to grasp the listener's attention. Overall, his sound, his voice, and his message, although the same were very different.

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