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Honest, Cutting-Edge and Catchy
Posted August 15, 2011
By abluvsu,

Planetshakers is a unique Australian praise and worship band. They have been going strong since 2000 and are now based out of Planetshakers City Church in Melbourne, Australia. They have released several albums, but this is their first on the Integrity recording label.
Nothing  is Impossible is a solid album, musically and lyrically. The message is very encouraging and the whole band is talented. It has the same kind of feel and vibe as the Hillsong albums, but with some key differentiations. It is impossible to sit still through the whole CD; a lot of the songs make you want to get up and dance. I like the switching between male and female lead vocals and fast and slow tempos; it keeps things fresh.
The album starts off with “Power,” an upbeat song about the life-changing power of God. It reminds us that having the power of God in us is something that should be very exciting, though we often forget. 
It moves on to “Bring It On,” which espouses praise about God relentlessly pouring out His love and favor, though we are undeserving. This song has strong guitar riffs throughout. It is easy to catch on to because there is a lot of repetition.
“Give It Up” prods us to give up our life to the Lord so that we can truly live. The chorus says “Give it up to the One who saved You / Give it up to the One who gave You life / Give it up to the One who made You / Give it up to the Lover of Your Soul.” This song has an electric sound with a catchy beat. The vocals are also strong.
The title track, “Nothing Is Impossible,” is based on Philippians 4:13. It is a great reminder song that we really can do all things through God’s strength.
“Running To You” is a downtempo ballad that layers guitar upon a soothing piano base. Piano also is featured on the next song, "You Are God,” which contains the best vocals of the entire album. The song basically talks about all the attributes of God that makes Him God. It is a great song of adoration. “No One Like You” also lauds the attiributes and unique character of God.
“Favoured” is about the blessing we receive because of Jesus’ sacrifice. With impressive female vocals, the chorus tenderly resounds: “I am favoured I am blessed / By the cross, and the blood that was shed / I am favoured I am blessed / I can do all things, because of what Youʼve done for me.” 
The pace picks back up on “Sound Of Praise,” a song that seamlessly marries the vocals and high-powered instruments. One of the more memorable moments of energy on the album is a breakdown in the middle of the song that really takes things to the next level. We’re encouraged to “Get up off your feet” in the next song, “Song of Victory,” keeping the power pumping.
“Hosanna” is a sincere and the instrumentation is beautiful. My favorite part of this song is the bridge: “We cry hosanna, hosanna/ Your Name be lifted up/ Forever hosanna, hosanna/ So high and lifted up.”
“Just run into His arms / No matter what you’ve done/ Just look into His eyes / And see the loving grace of God,” invites the pre-chorus of the tear-inducing “Come to Jesus.” There's a great dynamic build throughout the song, bringing the band in mid-way at a climactic moment. 
“We Cry Out” has a live feel to it with crowd vocals. It is a very motivating song and a cry out for revival throughout the lands. I really love the spoken part at the end that names several countries.
Closing Thoughts:
If you're looking for an honest, cutting edge worship album with soaring vocals, catchy lyrics, grinding guitar riffs and memorable moments, check out Nothing is Impossible. Although there's plenty of variety throughout the album, what's consistent is the passion, the authenticity, and the quality musicianship. The best tracks of the album are “You Are God” and “Come to Jesus.” 

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